Hi, I'm Krista!

I'm a commercial and editorial photographer and director. I draw from my experience working with brands and businesses in a wide range of roles, as well as my classical training in film photography and fine art; color theory excites me, and I always love a good art history pun!

When I'm not fan-girling over my clients, creating new sets and props, or on set and behind the lens I'm in Austin, Texas — usually hanging out with my hubby and our son, cooking up a new recipe, or knitting with a fresh cup of coffee.


  • Color-coding my Passion Planner.
  • The color yellow. (No–wait. Bright green. NO... PINK! Aw hell.)
  • Fiction novels. (I have a goal to read 50 books in 2023! I only got to 39 in 2022...)
  • A good French 75 cocktail.
  • Custom-building sets like a boss.
  • Fridays!

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